Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Urban Dictionary #47 - L-Bomb

New Years 2011, We resolved to shut up and shoot more. Enough writing scripts and trying to extract millions of dollars from people who invariably react with, "And who the F--K are these guys?!!"  But running out and shooting a(nother) shoestring feature was not really in the cards, so the next best thing? Shorts! But what to shoot? Thankfully, the answer came in the form of some amazing actors (Gary Mahmoud and Michele McNally) cast for a completely different project and a briefcase full of loaner Zeiss lenses. The idea to make little films about Urban Dictionary terms seemed a natural. We picked one that each of us had some unfortunate experience with - dropping the L-Bomb.

Personnel: Josh and Pete
Greg: Gary Mahmoud
Minnie: Michele McNally
Too Soon Buddy: Allan Title
Music: Season of the Shark, Yo La Tengo


  1. Nice work. But you guys stop following me around and writing about my life or I'll have to start charging you royalties.

  2. Hi-Larious - but who's the "Too Soon, Buddy!" guy? - he's great too!

  3. That's Allan Title (though it's my voice) I'll credit him.

  4. BEATO HERE!!///Yes!! Bravo...great....nice ..lighting is great!! Love the humor, great acting you need a short acadamy!!....I love shorts!! Got myself a 7D any extra lenses ??...lol