Tuesday, November 11, 2014

10 Hours of Princess Leia

Here’s one for the ages. Always fun to play with friends - this time had some kids roped in too! Great job to Gary Mahmoud for co-producing! I’m such a nerd that many of the costumes came from my apartment and the Lobot headgear took a month to build. But filmmaking’s a sickness and I’m terminal. Enjoy!


 Filmed on an iPad mini using http://thepadcaster.com/ Turn your iPad into a mobile production studio! Thanks to great performances from: Michele McNally, Rob King, Dan Jamieson, Scott Bolohan, Alden Gewirtz, Laurence Cantor, Andrew Ginsburg. BTW, I'm Boba Fett and Gary is both The Emperor and Indiana Jones (also my costume - nerd!!)

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